About Biz Barrett...

  • Bertrand Barrett (affectionately known as “Biz”) is a Visionary & Futurist. He is President and Founder of 2BZ Information Technologies, 2BZ Media, MyBOTs LLC & The Fishnett Plan, Inc. A devout Christian, his companies are devoted to the cause of youth enrichment through Education, Technology, Entertainment and Ministry.

    First son of the late Professor Everard Barrett (aka “Professor B”), Biz was a child prodigy in Mathematics.  He received national acclaim in Ebony Jr. magazine for his high scores on NYS Regents Exams in Mathematics (scored 100% on the Ninth Grade Algebra Regents at age of 10).

  • Biz, like his father, adopted a personal commitment to the inner city child and a burden to help them learn and prosper. Having grown up in the Hip Hop era, Biz applied his MIT education to development of innovative Software Applications and Media Experiences of particular interest to the youth culture. Joining the Positive Hip Hop movement and becoming “tOObiz,” an artist in his own right with 2 albums to his credit, his inspirational songs have been downloaded and heard all over the world. In addition, he has received awards for participation in Holy Hip Hop by bringing positive messages and gospel themes into the entertainment mix.

    In addition to being a Visionary & Futurist, Biz is an accomplished IT professional and has helped several companies to develop and deliver quality internet software products to the marketplace. He is an innovative technologist and content producer who has come up with practical educational software applications and robotics architectures, some of which have been published by IEEE and presented at professional conferences. His designs are ripe for the evolving Metaverse.  Moreover, he is inspirational Leader and Influencer with a Plan to leverage Technology and AI to strategically bring people together in unity and purpose worldwide.

  • In his latest venture, Biz, #TheHelperBOTInventor has a startup MyBOTs llc that builds tools to help people Save Time and Automate Help #HelperBOTs. His recent trips to Africa where he found his family and experienced life in Nigeria have heavily influenced His Story. 

    Biz wants to meet and build with like minded people.  Regarding the Metaverse, Biz applauds the advancements in Tech and how Web and Gaming are coming together.  However, as a Protector of the Youth, he cautions by saying "it's about fitting Metaverse experiences into our reality, not fitting our reality into Metaverse Experiences."

    Biz holds a Master of Arts degree in Computer Science, with a Bachelor of Science degree In Science, Technology, Society and Engineering from MIT. He’s studied Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Bon Sy from CUNY Queens College and the late Dr. Seymour Papert at the MIT Media Lab.