MyBOTs llc

This company makes Helper BOTs that help People

This company's fortune sits comfortably in the future we have envisioned for a long time.  CEO Biz Barrett has been developing AI concepts around Autonomous Agents since the nineties.  His BOTs from their inception have always been considered Helper Agents for People (or Companies).  With the future of the Metaverse on the Horizon, MyBOTs llc is perfectly positioned to evolve.  The Metaverse as envisioned is in line with Biz Barrett's Vision.  As such, the Helper BOTs created by this company will be part of the Intelligent middle layer between people and the emerging Digital Universe.

Children will be able to get virtual assistance with homework or virtual tutoring, Elderly users will benefit from assistance that helps them remember things or perform detailed tasks they wouldn't have been able to perform, people will have digital twins that will work for them, search for them, negotiate deals or transactions for them when they are sleeping, companies will offload heavy lifting to BOTs, freeing up human talent for bigger and more important tasks. Our Helper BOTs will ensure that Need will be matched with Supply in real time.  For example, food will NEVER be wasted and there will never be garbage in the streets as long as we can employ a jobless person to clean it up. These are just a few examples of how Helper BOTs help People but MyBOTs llc has unlimited potential for success in the future.

MyBOTs llc will develop and deploy BOTCIERGE platforms to people and companies who seek to Save Time and Resources by Automating Help.  BOTCIERGE can be thought of as a different kind of Alexa.  MyBOTs llc is not interested in selling your data.  Rather, the company is most interested in winning the public's trust so that people will want subscriptions to Helper BOT services.  Your data is yours and we will process it, but it will always with the intent to serve customers better by intelligently helping to resolve issues or preferences they have shared in their profile or by their posts or transactions.

There are 5 Divisions:

  • BOT Security
  • Asset Management
  • HealthBOTs
  • EducationBOTs
  • Consulting