New Media Creation for Education, Entertainment & Social Media

In just one generation the Internet changed all of New Media Creation.  The word “media” applies to many things in the 21st century, from mass media to news media, and traditional media to the many emerging forms of digital media. Media is an expression that brings some type of information or entertainment from one body to another. –– it can be difficult to succinctly define the word.  It comes from the Latin medius or medium, which means “the middle layer.” 

Before the digital age, the most popular forms of media were analog or traditional media: radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, journals, and the like. Since then, the technological revolution has brought with it many new types of media that now play a major role in disseminating information and entertainment to populations around the world.

Today the way people consume Media demands an entirely new form of it.   For our company it creates a huge and entirely new market of Human AI Technology for which we have created our own very special brand of  "Helper BOTs." The infusion of Helper BOTs into the middle layer creates a plethora of new smart services that will impact the future of Education, Entertainment and Social Media in the new and emerging "Metaverse." 

The social data layer tells a story of what we like, what we watch, who and what we pay attention to, and our habits and preferences.  The audience was once passive, it is now cast in a more dynamically interactive role than ever before. The social data layer reveals so much about our behavior that it provides analytics that drive the development of content, requirements for how the content is displayed, how it is served, and how data is collected from its audience.  This social data can of course as it is today, used to help brands more efficiently target customers based on their patterns.  However, our system of companies (2BZ IT) is more interested in using social data to provide Intelligent Apps and Services that provide direct and immediate value to the audience.  We believe if we do this effectively, giving people direct value in reward for their data, we will build trust and affinity among our followers worldwide.  Our revenue will be generated less from selling this data but more from sensitively using this data to help people who in turn will happily reward and support our business by purchasing subscriptions.  The opportunities we see on the Horizon for New Media Creation are here for us because we see the dissemination of Media as a very huge and Intelligent Digital Document Management System. Our success sits comfortably in the future we have envisioned for years.

There are 5 Divisions:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Technology & Software
  • Social Media
  • Entertainment Parks