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Get-Knowledge Tutors - Ed Tech & Online Tutoring

GK Tutors provides Ed Tech as well as online tutoring services that help Education.  The company will partner with other companies to find and discover areas where applied Technology and/or Artificial Intelligence makes teachers more effective and Education more efficient.  This approach has a flavor of Social Media - people finding and helping other people educationally - just because they want to and they can.

We provide Educational Services with an International Staff of Academic Tutors.  Services can be delivered in person or online. As a small company we do big things on a small scale.  Recently I was able to help a teenager in Lagos, Nigeria to do well on her (IGCSE) International Certificate of Secondary Education Exam.  With current technologies this is possible right now, even though I was 6000 miles away.  If this is technologically possible, why hasn't it become a much stronger application of mainstream education?  There should be millions of live online tutoring services making connections like this every day. Those who have education to give should be systematically assigned students constantly on an on-going basis.

When funded adequately, we will do these things on a large scale. There are Many students around the world that need help and there are also Many teaching resources that want to assist, some would even do it for free.  Our Artificial Intelligence Project will make it possible to produce the matches of students in need with resources that want to help, in real time.  The world has already become familiar with rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber... but it has not yet seen the "helpshare" apps like what we will create with GK Tutors!  Ed Tech powered by AI and our brand of AI Helper BOTs projects a future of much more exciting, entertaining, and efficient Educational Processes and Systems.  Our success lies comfortably in a future we have envisioned for years.

There are 4 Divisions:

  • School Creation
  • Network
  • Tutoring Services
  • Technology & AI