Pan-Africanism Builds a Bridge to Africa Support Africans with Employment Opportunities

Our goal is to apply technology to the Pan-African movement like never before.  Worldwide internet connectivity provides a foundation upon which to build new applications and Social Media platforms that encourage a much more cohesive global society.  The flow chart diagram below shows how we will help Africans by providing new ways to earn income.  Large companies outsource work to countries like India, Mexico and the Philipines every day.  Why can't we see some of this outsourcing going also to African teams?  What are the barriers to entry and what can we do to remove them?

With our initiatives in play, Universities will have thriving programs by which to offer college students part-time and free-lance jobs or contracts with Technology Development initiatives in large companies.  The people hired to oversee these programs will be aggressive, socially active people that know the value of these opportunities to help college students make a little extra money while in school.  In some cases, these programs will make the difference that helps  students to stay in school and finish their degrees.  In other cases, these programs will help students so they are not forced to make poor decisions because of financial desperation. The more we learn about Nigeria, the more we discover that applied Pan-Africanism at this time must take full advantage of current technologies in order to be fully effective.  Once this is done well, the Bridge to Africa will be overflowing with opportunity to provide helpful solutions that we can repeat over and over again throughout the continent.  If you like what we are doing, click on the Donate button and provide us with a financial contribution. Contact us and become part of our team today!

Applied Pan-Africanism -Bridge to Africa Campaign

Your donations will help us to pay young African entrepreneurs in the following ways:

  • Help clean up the garbage in the streets.
  • Provide freelance jobs to help college girls get through college.
  • Support organizations teaching young Africans about Computer Technology.
  • Establish international software development teams with African Software Coders.
  • Build a Skilled Team of Professionals to which companies Worldwide can outsource Remote Work.

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