• In these groups, Biz seeks to develop communities around the world through social media. You will see a consistent theme in which Biz laments the socio-economic conditions faced by His Diaspora, but as a Christian he invites ALL good people.

  • This is a Bridge to Africa group that focuses on forming love connections between people and families in the United States and people and families in Africa.

  • This is a group of people loyal to Biz and his work. This group is focused on connecting like-minded leaders around the world who have similar hopes and dreams to unify the Diaspora, both socially and electronically.

  • This is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs that seek to amplify their income earning potential by working together, helping and patronizing each other. Members have to believe that we prosper better as a cohesive group, than by being self-absorbed. As part of how the group works, we form interest groups and put people in them. Interest Group Leaders will be experts in their area and make sure that everyone has the latest information, helpful links, ability to ask questions, forums, email, feedback and so on. Our hope is that people meet here and build their businesses, however that happens.

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