The Fishnet Plan

A Community Talent Show

The Community Talent Show serves the communities by providing events that make people happy, promote their businesses and services, and help their children to gain experience showcasing their skills and talents.  The shows help to boost the self-esteem and confidence of the youth.  They provide a way to help prevent juvenile delinquency, an alternative to gang life and culture, and growth of their self-identity and sense of purpose.

We want to do more community talent shows like the UnityFests we did in the past. The talent show featured singers, dancers, comedians, rappers and other artists that believe in positive and gospel messages in their music or craft. It was an extremely fun and rewarding experience and we all enjoyed the show, the vibe and the positive atmosphere tremendously.  Another organization doing shows for the community like this is All Stars Talent Show Network.

When we establish our network of Smart Community Centers, each one will be responsible for releasing a production like this every quarter.  The show will be available for free at the Community Center and will be broadcast live across the Fishnett to all of the other Community Centers in the network.  One day we will put our own Satelite in space so each Center can share their unique talent show productions with the world. 

This is in line with the theme consistent in this web site - that the connection and cohesion we see among the children of the world and the cultures of the world is weak.  Solutions require much more intentional use of tech and AI to produce a more Harmonious World by strengthening cultural connections with Entertainment and Media.

Our Objective is a Community Talent Show where Cultures Entertain Each Other

"These powerfully uplifting forms of art and expression can do for a Community what Vitamins do for the Body"  --Biz

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