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The Fishnet Plan

The Fishnett 501c3 views the World as a Hyperconnected Society where in there should be a Community Center in every Community.  Our plan leverages existing Technologies to Network Communities of the World - both Socially and Electronically.  The Plan seeks to establish a chain of Smart Community Centers in the United States and other countries around the World for example Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.  Each community center will be a staple in its respective community. It will be known, frequented and respected as lifestyle betterment center. Each serves its community by providing services and membership packages that can be tailor made to meet a family's need. Whether this need is for fitness programs, academic tutoring, martial arts or performing arts, everything that is needed can be bundled with their membership so it fits within the family budget.

The Global Impact is realized by physically Networking the Community Centers.  Once we network communities, the Plan will develop custom Software, Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Applications and Helper BOTs to create cohesion, synergy and strategic collaboration among people of different countries and cultures.  The Plan measures its success by the extent to which its Innovation creates a much more harmonious World.

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Each Community Center Networks Communities:


Our Plan Networks Each Community Center

Our Centers provide Fitness for your Mind, Body and Spirit...

  • To provide a network of health, fitness and education centers that collectively and much more effectively serves the world.
  • Our centers will be much more than gyms filled with free weights and elliptical machines. They will be centers that strive to help build a better lifestyle for members and their families.
  • Fishnett Community Centers will be staples in their respective communities: known, frequented and respected as lifestyle betterment centers.
  • Our Community Fitness Centers will allow families to spend more time together because of our wide range of offerings for all ages, communities, wherever they are placed in the World.

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