The Love Song Lyrics


What is this thing called love everybody feels? What’s the deal?

Is it fake or is it real? I wanna know…

but circumstances from past romances convince me that true love has very few chances

with de shortie over here talkinbout “gimme some action”

shortie over dere talkinbout “everlasting passion”

wodey right chere telling me “Biz you so handsome”

chicks in de whip tuggin at my pants and…

shortie’s everywhere holdin’ me fo’ ransom

Church girl talking marriage and satisfaction

Sh'wanna help me wit my blessings

I need some understandin yo, thats all that I’m askin

what is love?

[ HOOK ]

(a dozen roses or the words in a song someone else composes? A box of chocolates on valentine's day or what you feel when your girl goes away…)


What is this thing called love? - keepin me lazy, makin me hazy…

Don’t say you love me cause yo havin my baby

I never thought love would be…makin me crazy….

Luther Van sang

"A House is not a Home"
Now I understand what he was kickin to my dome
Doesn’t botha ME ‘til I get back home, feelin alone
get a funny feelin then I get on the phone
got de Booty call …now my mind starts to rome
on freaks who love that sex and stimulation
I wanna cut ‘em off but d’bible says be patient …and kind
Yo yo I need a sign cause this love thing is cold blowin my mind
What is love?

[ HOOK ]
A diamond ring engraved with my initials - is that what it takes to make my love official?

A lobster dinner while we sip the finest wine - is that all it takes to put love on your mind?

What is this thing called love some people feel? Come on tell me
Is it sex or a good meal? Mad Emotions…why when I get hurt it take so long to heal?
“Is this love Is this love Is this love that I’m feeling” yo I’m still dealin
with a need that make sex look so appealin yet its not fullfillin
still…I’m askin fo’ an answer
my head is spinning like a dancer
cause shortie over here want me to romance her
but the love I got fo her is more like a sista
now she getting mad sayin that I dissed her
but if I slept with her fo sho I would dismiss her
so what is love?

[ HOOK ]

Can friendship be love? Or can love just be friendship?

Can people care for each other without it being on the sex tip?

Yo When you speak wit yo mouth an aint no love comin out
Your words clang like symbols cause your motive’s in doubt
I been readin the word so much I can't put it down
I been searchin fo love and now look what I found
Love’s patient love is kind, Love's not racin'

Love takes its time, yo it's peace to the mind, gentle

Love is sublime, Love is not wishin' what you have is mine

Love's not braggin' about how yo' bling shines

actin' like you smart an' biggin' up yo' mind

Love's not foul wishin' somebody falls down

Love stays around and don't get tired of yo sound.

God is Love.