Set Me Free Lyrics

[ HOOK ]

​Just take these chains away and set me free (4x)


I don’t know about you but I’m changing quick

Had enough a dat rudeboy gangsta bit

So I’m facin it erasin it changin’ it

I’m through and I’m out laka vacation trip

free like reFooGEES on a Hatian ship

free to-pursue-A-new relationship

but satan’s grip is tight like a pitbull’s bite

got-a-lock-on my life like kryptonite

sukin-de-fight out-of-a super man’s might yo YO!

I’m ‘bout to take off lakamstuck on the Van Wyke

tryin to see Kennedy, I just might miss my flight

to freedom like angels butcan’t seedem

Don’t wanna be a heathen sun I’d rather beedem

like Della Reese touchin the peeps, keeping the peace (pause)

beatin down beasts like the Mark of the East,

I wanna be free God…I need a release…

[ HOOK ]

Just take these chains away and set me free (4x)


Don’t tell me how I’m sposed to live

The Lord chose me I chose POS ITIVE

The book says its free sun the cost is His

Y’won’t seeme jumpin off no bridge I got loVE to give

Nodoubt, Thug life is “poison” like DeVoe and Bell Biv

Don’t tell me what I’m supposed to do

Who are you? Sun I be the chosen few like

Moses crew…been somuch fada dan most of you

to be free like no postage due …and so I’m hopin to (pause)

set you free like the air we breathe (pause) d’earth wind fire d’breeze like no fees an’ fishin d’seas

Free like Mandela, free like dacheese

Free like the key chain on your car keys

Free like wifey on her (pause) shopping sprees

Free to w-o-r-s-h-I-p

Why can’t we roam this open country?

Free like no more Slavery…

Free like Matthew 6: 25-33

Free like mangos in Hawaii

Free like you wheelin downhill on skiis

Free like Navel Oranges on Florida trees

[ HOOK ]

Just take these chains away and set me free (4x)


If you could feel this boo, you would be dancing too.

when I’m free I be dancin like David do

to my favorite tune…mad happy I got life …maybe look forward to

cause I’m free from the …shady I was talking to

tho I’m walkin through the valley of the shadow (of death)

don’t sweat the worldly mess I check the straight and narrow

Back then when I was stressed I carried hate like Pharoh

Won’t forget I pushed fate like you push weight in wheel barrows

When I’m free I be caressed - spirit of God keeps me mellow

Now I follow God like a bow …fallow an arrow

and I’m blessed wit d’spirit-in-my-bones …like marrow so

Hallowed be the name who reigns like hurricanes, (pause) subdues great pains

remains like coffee stains, comes through like freight trains

its true I’m set free JeSus will-be-my-claim

(pause) He covers me like NBC covers games uh!

[ HOOK ]

Just take these chains away and set me free (4x)