[ Verse ]

Yo Yo Yo I came prepared
to explain this to any one that wants to hear
When the spirit of God is in the air
Makes me want to dance like ants in my pants

Check check it out yo I got to get out my chair
I'm shakin everywhere…come on give the Lord a cheer
No doubt now my homeboys think I'm weird
for real! They think I'm nuts cause I don't cuss…

playin like a boy with a new toy
enemy slayin with ploys to destroy
cause I was prayin He gave me a decoy
know what I'm sayin? devil can't steal my JOY

Ra Ra Ra like a crazy fan
I'm a Praise Him like I'm high like a crazy man
He saved me and gave me a salvation plan

And a BI BLE to defeat Saytan

[ Hook ]

This is the chorus This is the chorus

Who can raise up? if God be for us

I’m a sing about the joy He brings to us

Andmention the things He done for us

Forget about the drama be facin us

An’how unhappy the devil be makin us

We break out from lower levels where he be takin us

but as soon as we escape he be chasin us

in the whip, in the plane train or the bus

he trIEs hard to make us cuss hate and fuss

Ay Yo! That spirit is dangerous