Journey Lyrics


Most people think that they full in Control

They pray for what they want but the Lord says No

Aye Yo! If it's for you He will open the doe

but if it's not for you He will keep it closed y'know

I got the got the got the Automatic Flow

and where I end up only God knows

Johannesburg, Spain, Egypt or Cairo

Where God says go sun I got to go... I gotta go...

[ HOOK ]

I'm on a Journey... (pack yo bags) I'm on a Journey (pack yo bags)

I'm on a Journey... (hurry up) I'm on a Journey (u huh)


Where the Lord wanna take me yo I can't see

His favor will take me where I need to be I might be...

Savin' Souls in the middle of the sea could be...

In the desert or the top of a tree

Minister to the rich and to the poe

He might a told me minster to J Lo

I might have to save you on a telephone pole

He might a told me to minister to Jacque Cousteau


Yearning Burning Concerning the Journey

Find me in my Ac burnin' up the streets

Step out in the Ac from the Ac ready to preach to each...

Beseech my bretherin seven then put Heaven until it's evident

Street corners and the clubs Schools into the malls to the halls

Walkin' up the Walls Niagra Falls on this Journey y'all know that

I'm on call huh and since I'm with Jesus I'm ready to ball

Flow radical like the Apostle Paul God is for me yall

y'know I'm ready to brawl won't stop this Journey till God reaches all..