*Hey, what y’all know about how 5G will change MOVIE & MEDIA PRODUCTION?

5G is coming, let’s make the best of it. How will it change MEDIA PRODUCTION? I envision a future of interactive media that is much more like live gaming than traditional television. Don’t get me wrong, we will still be wanting things we are used to like movies, news, TV shows and the like… but we will see changes to how this Media looks, how it is received and experienced, and how interactive the user is with the media streams he is consuming. People can consume more than one stream at a time so sometimes people will demand an interface that allows them to switch between streams, multitask, schedule tasks, automate tasks and so on. Furthermore, and especially as they get older and can’t see too good, people will demand more by way of direct voice command. Intelligent software applications or apps will evolve that anticipate this… and will help people to manage their multiple streams for more productivity.