COMMUNITY Center? What’s THE BEST one ever?

What are the things that you believe you’d want to see in your community center? How can we create an exciting Community Center that can serve the families of their community most powerfully? We believe that our Community Centers will significantly empower any Community we place one in. Parents will not have to sacrifice working out so they can pay for singing lessons for their daughter and get math tutoring services for their son. My Vision for this network chain of Community Centers is that each one serves the community they are in by providing services and packages that can be tailor made to meet a family’s need. Whether this need is for fitness programs, academic tutoring, or performing arts, everything that is needed can be provided within the family budget by the Fishnett Plan.

Community center activity - a middle school aged girl explores how to make a quadcopter drone.
In this closeup, the hands of her science teacher can be seen holding up a quadcopter model as a serious middle school aged girl reaches up to provide the finishing touches.

I am an MIT graduate and by trade I am a Software Engineer. While at MIT I had an opportunity to study under the late Dr. Seymour Papert. His book Mindstorms had a profound effect on me. We want a Community Center that provides rich cultural and educational experiences. We want kids creating, growing, developing real skills and thriving because they spend time at their Community Center. Our centers use Technology to keep a Global network focus. Some of our activities will encourage kids to develop friendships with kids around the globe.

If they are online we can connect with them, and make them smile.

The Fishnett Community Centers will feature Africa Outreach. We will find solutions to problems and help those who need help. For example, we will help to solve the issue of the garbage in the streets in Nigeria.